Silver Creek Hatchery

Loading the Hatchery Truck

Loading the Hatchery Truck

Silver Creek Fish Hatchery resides on commission owned land acquired in 1978and is managed by the Department’s Hatchery Program. The property is comprised of approximately 821 acres of deeded land at the headwaters of Silver Creek (Silver Spring), and along Silver Creek as it flows northwest towards White Mountain Reservoir.

Many wildlife species utilize the property, either seasonally or year round. Common game species include elk, mule deer, antelope, and rabbits; waterfowl game species include mallards, teal, gadwall, and wigeons, as well as a variety of nongame birds including but not limited to herons, hawks, eagles, and cormorants. In addition, Silver Creek provides aquatic habitat for native fish species including Speckled Dace and Bluehead Sucker, as well as angling opportunities for Apache and Rainbow Trout.

There are currently two employee residences with separate storage units, a modular office building, a stable/barn, a public toilet, and a storage shed near the spring. Silver Creek Hatchery is vital to sustain stocking of trout in the White Mountains. The property is staffed by two full-time Hatchery employees who reside on site and are responsible for day-to-day operation and maintenance of the site.

Fishing at the Hatchery

Fishing at the Hatchery

The property has gained popularity with anglers, and supports a split trout season to accommodate catch-and release anglers as well as those that prefer to harvest and keep their catch. All the Apache trout stocked in Arizona are produced by Silver Creek Hatchery. The hatchery produces approximately 20,000 pounds of trout a year.

Silver Creek Hatchery is located east of Show Low about 5 miles on Highway 60. Turn north off 60 onto Bourdon Ranch Road for five miles to Hatchery Way Road. Turn east on Hatchery Way Road for 1/2 mile to the facility.

Apache Trout-Hours open to the public:
Daily 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas
Please Note: Some of the hatchery property is restricted and no public access is allowed. Areas closed to the public are marked by signs on the trail, or view the map and information. Contact us (928) 537-7513

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Learn about the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Hatchery Program at Silver Creek Hatchery. The hatchery produces approximately 20,000 pounds...

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