Community Fishing

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We take great pride in providing a fun, family-friendly fishing opportunity at city park lakes and ponds across Arizona. For more than years, we’ve been providing excellent customer value through the consistent, reliable delivery of quality fish throughout the year. We will continue to work with new communities to bring more fish to more waters for more people

Community Fishing Program: Yuma to Payson to St. Johns

The Community Fishing concept has been implemented in several different states. Although the models differ slightly by locations, the underlying concept is to provide fishing opportunities for anglers in urban environments. The most successful programs have been built upon collaborative partnerships in which each/all entities have investments into the program including financial, property, community improvements, etc.

Because urban areas continue to expand in size and population throughout Arizona, and new waters outside of urban areas are limited, the Community Fishing Program (CFP) represents the best opportunity for the Department to initiate new fishing opportunities throughout Arizona AND recruit new customers directly from the diverse communities in which they reside. There are eight objectives in this vision for the CFP to expand over the next 10 years.

Expansion will cost additional money, but there are several reasons the investments will pay dividends to the Department, including but not limited to:

  • The CFP has a proven business model and has successfully increased the number of anglers into the program;
  • Arizona’s CFP is the largest of its kind in the United States, & this model has been implemented in other states with great success;
  • The CFP is engaged in the very communities that are reflective of Arizona’s growing populations;
  • CFP is versatile & can be implemented within neighborhoods across the entire state, not like hunting or other outdoor wildlife-related activities that require most people to leave city limits;
  • The CFP builds partnerships with the municipalities & communities so there is a mutual investment & interest in having the program succeed;
  • The CFP has a suite of other potential lines of business & activities that could be employed at CFP parks & waters to raise enough program revenue to restore cost neutrality or make a profit;
  • The CFP compliments many other existing features & activities at parks such as wildlife watching;
  • The CFP is intrinsically linked with Sportfish Education that will use CFP waters to conduct dozens of fishing clinics & events annually.
  • New waters can be created within communities, while rural waters are fixed in number. Full Report

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